Electronics Recycle Event FAQ’s

Why is there a fee to recycle?

The contractor we use to process the recycled items charges a fee to cover their costs, so we have to pass on that fee. In addition, this is a fundraising event and any additional proceeds above the contractor costs are used to support the Music and Performing Arts programs at Beverly High School.

I live in Danvers, can I bring my Electronics in to be recycled?

Yes, this event is open to all cities and towns. A fee is charged for all recycled items (see our price sheet for the fee details) and the costs are the same regardless of where you live. Any resident from any city or town is welcome to bring in their items to be recycled on November 9th (8am to Noon) at Beverly High School.

Are you offering pickups?

Yes, we will be offering pickups the week prior to the event, which will be November 2nd to November 8th. Pickups can be scheduled during the day on November 2nd and 3rd or in the evening November 4th through November 8th.We are not able to offer pickups on the morning of the event (November 9th) so please call Kevin at (978) 712-8150 or email BMPAARecycling@gmail.com to schedule your pickup prior to the day of the event.

What cities and towns will you pick up from?

For Beverly residents, we offer pickups from any part of the city with no minimum. For adjoining cities and towns (Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Wenham, Hamilton, Essex, Manchester-by-the-Sea), we offer pickups but there is a $75 minimum recycling fee. Please call Kevin at (978) 712-8150 or email BMPAARecycling@gmail.com for more details.

Is this event open to businesses or only residents?

We are happy to support all area businesses and will work with you to recycle your items while at the same time supporting Beverly High School’s Music and Performing Arts Programs. Please call Kevin at (978) 712-8150 or email BMPAARecycling@gmail.com to discuss how we can work with you.

How do the proceeds you raised benefit the students at Beverly High School?

Proceeds raised from the event are 100% donated to the BHS Music and Performing Arts Department. Generally the funds are used for band uniforms, instruments, auditorium equipment, music trip support, competition fees, and furthering education. Our goal is to ensure the BHS Music and Performing Arts Department is materially supported with resources to continue to maintain and build the Music and Performing Arts programs.